Performance Management



This program is exclusively for managers and provides them with a new framework for addressing issues of employee performance, use of performance improvement tools, progressive discipline and performance evaluations.

We start by discussing the reasons most managers avoid confronting problem employees and/or are less than candid or express themselves in ways that are ultimately unproductive (or even counter-productive) when they do.  We help managers understand their own deficiencies in this area.   We explain the critical importance of good documentation and the pitfalls of less than candid performance reviews for the dual purpose of helping managers improve employee performance and to create a sold written record in the event of litigation.



We then provide a mental framework for making the performance management process a positive one rather than a negative and confrontational experience.  The course helps managers understand how to encourage and teach their employees to reach their own job potential or to recognize that they might not have the skill set or will to continue in the position.

Your managers will learn how to utilize a “Performance by Objectives” process that will allow them to create a system by which they set specific goals for every employee, regularly measure progress on those goals and establish a method for periodic feedback to their employees.  The system results in managers being able to set attainable goals, determine if they are being met, and have the ability to articulate concrete feedback on successes and failures in relation to those goals.

Through this training, we help managers see that they are responsible, and will be held accountable for their employees’ performance. We want managers to understand that they hold the keys to helping employees reach their own potential.  Ultimately, if they recognize that an employee is not attaining reasonable and measurable goals, your managers will have the tools to concretely and objectively demonstrate that the employee is not the right match for the job.  Your managers will be guided on how to do so in a manner that will, if necessary, help you defend an adverse employment action.



Managers typically leave this training feeling empowered and positive about their ability to manage the employees that they supervise.


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