Labor Relations

We have extensive experience representing employers with union employees in all facets of labor relations. We are also regularly retained by non-union employers for strategic planning designed to minimize the likelihood of union organizing activity, and have designed and won many successful campaigns on behalf of employers in National Labor Relations Board elections. The full range of our labor relations services includes the following:

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
  • Labor arbitrations
  • Grievance hearings
  • Petitions before the NLRB
  • Unfair Labor Practice charges
  • Decertification petitions/elections
  • Strikes/lockouts
  • Picket line issues

We also regularly work with businesses that anticipate a labor dispute by assisting in contingency planning to minimize disruption and maintain operations. We help arrange for security, transportation and replacement workers and advise on the many legal minefields that exist during a strike.  In addition, we guide many businesses, both union and non-union, on the countless legal and practical issues that are caused by picket lines that they and their employees may encounter. If you are concerned about potential union activity and/or need fresh ideas in dealing with a union, we encourage you to contact us.